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Installation Advice

Installing your own splashback can be daunting if you have never done it before. So here is our advice for the safe installation of our splashbacks.

Glass Handling

Remember, unfitted glass is fragile. Do not place on hard surfaces prior to fitting. Special care should be taken with the corners of the product as impact can cause the product to shatter. Royston Glass splashbacks conform to BS 6206 EN1981 (Flat Glass for use in buildings).

Remember glass cannot be cut following the toughening process therefore any plug sockets etc must be requested at the initial ordering stage.

We recommend that glass is handled with care and in particular eye protection and suitable gloves should be worn. Drilling and cutting should not be undertaken.


What You'll Need to Install Your Splashback

  • Tape measure
  • Sealant gun
  • Silicone sealant (only use low modular, neutral cure Silicone (BS EN ISO 11600))


Installing Your New Splashback

  • Ensure fixing surface is flat, non-porous, dry and dust free
  • If the surface to which the product is applied is uneven with variations in excess of 5mm, these variations should be packed with silicone prior to fitting
  • Only neutral cure Silicone adhesive (complying to BS EN ISO 11600) should be used for installation. Failure to use the correct adhesive may degrade the finish of the glass installation and cause paint to discolour over time. We offer our recommended adhesive for purchase, on request.
  • Hold up the splashback, painted surface facing the wall/surface it is to be fixed on, against area it needs to be fitted to check fit
  • Use spacers to ensure a space of at least 2mm is left between the product and all surfaces
  • Take away the splashback, ensuring all corners are kept away from hard surfaces, then apply the Silicone adhesive the perimeter of the painted side of the glass, 10mm in from each edge.
  • Place the bottom edge of the splashback on spacers, then push flush back against the fitting surface. Apply firm pressure over the whole surface area
  • Seal the edges of the splashback with a bead of silicone sealant

Please click here to view an electronic version of the fitting instructions we send out with our DIY Splashbacks.



Do not use the product until the silicone has cured (follow the manufacturers instructions) Do not use abrasive cleaners. For best results use hot water with mild soap detergent.