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Textured Glass Spotlight - Granite by Royston Glass

Granite by Royston Glass is a unique textured glass product created by our expert craftsman.

More subtle than some of the other textures in our range, Granite is no less stunning. The organic relief echoes stone, giving this design a distinctly natural feel.

As with all our textured glass effects, Granite is produced in our state of the art kilns using artisan techniques through which the glass is infused with it’s beautiful texture.

Toughened, and then back painted using a specialist coating to colour the glass, the design options are almost endless.

Granite, like the other designs in our textured glass range, works particularly well in metallic colours. The metallic effects highlight the texture in the design and give the glass an extra dimension.

Because each batch of textured glass is made entirely to order, the bespoke set up for each firing means no two orders are the same. Each and every job has slight variations which creates completely individual, one of a kind, pieces.

If you would like a quotation for glass splashbacks in our Granite effect, please contact us.