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For more than a year, the most prevalent trend in interior design in terms of colour has been the use of metallic finishes, particularly copper.

Accessorising interiors with this elegant shade has become the 'must have' statement in the modern home.

Equally at home in a sleek, modern kitchen as it is in a more traditional setting, copper also brings a warmth that other metallic finishes lack.

Royston Glass has seen a marked increase in the number of customers choosing this exquisite colour for their bespoke splashbacks. In fact, several of our large commercial customers have added metallic shades to their colour selections, some even going as far as having their own bespoke copper colour produced.

As a trend, we feel this one has more staying power than most; this sentiment is echoed by the selections our discerning customers make on a daily basis.

Don't just take our word for it - take a look at an article the Interior Design Team at Beal Homes (one of our commercial clients) published online recently, exploring the application of the trend in the modern home.

Adding this key trend to your kitchen has never been simpler - Pearl Copper is a true copper shade, incorporating the subtleties and complexities of this 'must have' colour into our Splashback Product.