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Bespoke Printed Splashback

Some of our customers want something completely unique - here our client wanted to add a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge to their kitchen. Utilising bespoke printing processes to produce this one of a kind Splashback has created a beautiful feature. For more information on Bespoke Printed Splashbacks, please do not hesitate to…
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Orange is the new Black…

The time for the Orange Glass Splashback appears to be now! Perhaps taking their queue from the popular television show, this customer has added a truly stunning finish to their brand new kitchen. For similar shades, please visit our Online Shop to view a selection of the shades we have available.
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White Alluminium

Here, our discerning customer has chosen to accent their stunning modern kitchen with White Alluminium Splashbacks. The subtle metallic shade selected gives a truly stunning finish.
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An Apple a Day…

Utilising our Contemporary Matt finish to create a stunning feature, this customer has accented their beautiful modern kitchen to perfection. Opting to tone in with another bespoke feature in the space, this flawless expance of glass has elevated the design to another level. The crisp lime green shade was a bespoke colour match for the…
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Our Glass Splashbacks are manufactured in 2 different finishes: Classic Gloss, and Matt.

The Classic Gloss Finish utilizes the high shine, reflective qualities of the glass the Splashback is made from. Because our Splashbacks are back painted, these qualities are present on the front surface of your Splashback, giving a Gloss Finish.

Our Matt Finish Splashbacks however have undergone an additional process during manufacture, meaning the front surface of the Splashback no longer has the reflective shine of the classic finish, but has instead a Matt finish. This finish means Splashbacks manufactured using this glass are more subtle than their gloss cousins, introducing colour to a room without the same bang, but with no less impact.

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