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Q: What is a Radius Corner?

A: Due to the nature of glass, it is not possible to create a socket cut-out with 90° corners, or  90° internal corners in glass. They instead come with 6mm (minimum) radius corners.

Effectively, these corners are a quarter segment of a perfect circle, with a radius of 6mm.
Rectangular Splashback
As such, allowances must be made when measuring a Splashback to accommodate the radius corner. Please see the diagram below for a visual guide to radius corners. If you would like more information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Glass Splashbacks are manufactured in 2 different finishes: Classic Gloss, and Matt.

The Classic Gloss Finish utilizes the high shine, reflective qualities of the glass the Splashback is made from. Because our Splashbacks are back painted, these qualities are present on the front surface of your Splashback, giving a Gloss Finish.

Our Matt Finish Splashbacks however have undergone an additional process during manufacture, meaning the front surface of the Splashback no longer has the reflective shine of the classic finish, but has instead a Matt finish. This finish means Splashbacks manufactured using this glass are more subtle than their gloss cousins, introducing colour to a room without the same bang, but with no less impact.

Ordered a Splashback?
Have you deducted at least 3mm from the height and width?
Please refer to our measuring advice for further details.

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